If you're interested in Suzuki GS1100 or Moto Martin bikes this site will probably be of interest to you.

You will find details about tuning, repairs and other modifications I've made through the years plus some miscellaneous anecdotes.
The story takes you through the beat up, almost original bike in 1997, to the bike I ride today.
My powerplant have evolved over the years, from 1168cc, 1198cc, 1327cc and (finally ??) 1500cc with dynoruns to show the gains.

Then there's the other stuff:  USD forks, converting to 530 chain, changing 80's running gear for 90's stuff, building a new electrical system from scratch with a variety of electronic gizmos etc...

Oh, be warned, the info is written in a haphazard chronological order, sort of..
This is annoying if you're looking for something specific, it is however kind of in line with the spirit of the nineties when I started the site.
Someday I'll probably redo the whole thing with some logical mindset but, for now, just live with it  :)

With that said, welcome inside !


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